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The Palencia Wine Family

Our story and our journey...

The Palencia family comes from humble beginnings and a strong foundation with “love and respect for the land”. Born in Michoacán, Mexico and raised surrounded by vineyards in Prosser, WA. 

In Prosser, Victor Palencia, founder and winemaker, experienced firsthand the love for crafting and growing premium grapes. Following his father’s, David Palencia, footsteps through childhood years, he learned viticulture with all the important nuances in the vineyards that impact real quality and flavor of wine.  

Today, Victor pays homage to his father and his valuable lessons and memories by dedicating the brand image to him. This image is seen in the Palencia Winery logo, which is him holding a shovel as he tends to the vineyards. “Dad always had a shovel with him. It was the key to the land”, Victor said. Using these great skills he learned from his father, Victor selects vineyard sites from specific regions to flagship unique flavors and styles while staying true to variety and character. The results of this are superb wines of distinction and varietal expression. As Victor likes to say, “Palencia wines dig deep”. 

Victor Palencia

Founder & Winemaker

When victor is not in the cellar crafting wines or visiting vineyards, he enjoys nature walks, bike riding, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Allison Hann

Retail Sales & Hospitality Manager

Walla Walla native and wine enthusiast, Allison has been with Palencia Wine Company since 2015. Allison’s additional love of gastronomy benefits Palencia guests, as she knows exactly what wine and vintage will pair with your cuisine. In her free time, she enjoys tending flower beds at her family cabin nestled at the base of the Blue Mountains just outside of Walla Walla. 

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